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Review: Carrier (The Line #1) by Anne Tibbets

The Line Book One: Carrier - Anne Tibbets

You'd think a book about the prostitution and hopelessness of young girls would be morose and depressing. Yeah, so at times, parts are a bit of a bummer.

Nevertheless, there's something altogether hopeful and optimistic about Carrier, in that the author illustrates it with real-to-life characters. "People" that are believable. And because of that there feels like there's even more reason to invest. I guess that makes me hope more. Which would make me an optimist.

The world that Ms. Tibbets main character, Naya, lives in is a harsh one. One where she's sold her body for a vile meal and a place to rest her head since she was a child. Now in her early twenties she's kicked off the Line--as it's called--and given, what she feels, is a chance to succeed. The only kicker is, the reason she's let go? Because she's now pregnant with twins. Twins that shouldn't exist, given the fact that all girls are "effectively" sterilized upon entrance to the Line.

From the beginning Naya defies the status quo and immediately attracts all sorts of interesting people in her quest to make a better life for her and her babies.
Did I fail to mention that there's a stipulation to Naya's freedom? Well, there is.

I can't give much more information on the story without giving too much away.

So let me end by saying that Naya's story, while not over, is beautifully done and has an ending that left me feeling satisfied. Well, partially. I really do want more Naya and Ric.

Ms. Tibbets is a fantastically talented writer!